Three of David's novels, Real Life, Trespass and The Comedy Man, have recently been published in a single volume by Timewell Press

Three fictional journeys in search of the place one came from, and the bitter discoveries that lie in wait.
In Real Life, a veteran of the Soho skin trade returns to his native Norwich, only to find that the past has followed him home.

In Trespass, the former henchman of a disgraced City tycoon sits in an East-coast hotel slowly unravelling the truth about the fractures of his early life.
In The Comedy Man, the surviving half of a once-famous comedy duo tries to come to terms with the unfinished business of his career.

Menacing and humorous by turns, each is an intensely imaginative exploration of the difficulties of going back to the places and people who made us what we are. These novels confirm D.J. Taylor as one of the best writers of his generation.

'A powerful new voice in contemporary fiction' Jane Shilling, Sunday Telegraph

'There's much in all this brisk plotting of fortunes made and lost that puts Trespass at the forefront of modern growing-up novels... D.H. Lawrence, wryly expert on gamekeepers and social trespass, would have recognised in Taylor a fellow adept. He would also have approved the indignation of Taylor's class-consciousness.' Valentine Cunningham, Independent

'Taylor... is the novelist-laureate of sadness, regret and a very English melancholy.'
Christopher Hart, Literary Review